8. Dan Hanshi (from 5th of May 2024)
International Budo University
(Kendo practice)

Akira Ijima, 8th Dan, Kyoshi

Born in Akita-Prefecture, 1957, Ijima-Sensei attended Honjo High School and Nippon Sports Science University, where he worked as a professor’s assistant before moving to the International Budo University (IBU).

At IBU, Ijima-Sensei is a Professor of Budo Education, Chief of Special Budo Course, as well as Director of the university’s Kendo Club.

Ijima-Sensei competes in many tournaments in Japan, including National Teaching Faculty Tournament, All Japan East vs. West Tournament, All Japan Prefecture Kendo Championship, and Kendo 8th Dan Competition for the Prince Hirohito Royal Cup.

Ijima-Sensei serves as a lecturer at various Kendo training sessions organized by the All Japan Kendo Federation, while he acts as a Referee at various tournaments, including All Japan University Championships.

Ijima-Sensei published a number of Kendo instruction books and mediums, including Kendo (Basics & Tactics); Practical Kendo Learning Method; Instruction System of School Kendo; Video Kendo Coaching; and DVD-Achieving the Ultimate Kendo.