Welcome you on our 29th. Hungary Kendo Cup website!

Hungary Kendo Cup, Keiko & Exam 22.-24. July 2022

Important dates and deadlines

  • Deadline for online registration

  • Kendo keiko & Ji geiko

  • Hungary Kendo Cup Individual & Team Taikai

  • Examination until 4.dan

About us

Hungary Kendo Cup since 1990's

- The first Hungary Kendo Cup was organized in April 1990, with a support of the All Japan Kendo Federation who set up a ZNKR Challenge Trophy for Men’s and Team’s category. Its aim always been to provide a friendly atmosphere for quality camp, competition and Dan exam by providing good referees, highly valued teachers who hold a memorably and inspiring event. Above all the event aim is to make friendships among Kendokas around the world.